Safety Tips
Secure the Pool Area

  • Pools should be fenced off from the house and gated.
  • Make sure that there are no objects near the fence that could allow a small
    child to climb over and into the pool area.
  • All gates should be self-closing and self-latching.
  • Gate latches should be inaccessible to small children.
  • Install additional safety measures, such as pool alarms, motion detectors,
    and pool covers.
  • Adult supervision is a must for children.
  • Assign an adult to supervise the pool area during social gatherings.

Make sure you have effective supervision

  • Never allow small children to be left alone near a swimming pool.
  • Guardians and babysitters should be instructed about safety hazards in the
    pool area.
  • Do not rely on floatation devices or swimming lessons to protect a child
  • Look in pool area first if a child is missing.
  • All adult supervisors should learn cpr.
  • keep a telephone near the pool area for emergency calls